Mantis is a private website of Mistress Reiko.
Play sessions start at 11:00am(Last reception is at 19:00pm)
Tokyo, Japan


Mantis is a private website of Mistress Reiko.
Play sessions start at 11:00am
(Last reception is at 19:00pm)


MISTRESS Tatsumi Reiko ( BLOG)
Unauthorized copying and replication of the contents of this site and BLOG, text and images are strictly prohibited.(We do not sell photos)
size : T163cm B88 W60 H92 No smoker
carear:20's over
hobby :sm,reading,shopping,visiting temples and shrines
favorite things:fruit,sweets,sub.
favorite plays:analexamination(peg,prostate,etc.),face sitting,human toilet,fetish plays etc.
disliked plays:grapple session,wrestling play,out door session

Important points

sexual [vaginal] intercourse is not allowed.
The session will be denied in the following cases:
customer who shows signs of venereal or contagious disease
customer who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
customer who tries to secretly record/videotape the session, or is threatening/violent
customer who solicits sexual intercourse

If you break the above-mentioned rules, please understand that the play will immediately stop without any refund.


1.On the day of the session, please send us a mail with the hotel name and room number once you've checked in.
2.The mistress will come to the hotel.
3.Once she arrives, you will have a counselling time with her: you can explain in details to the mistress the kind of session you want. When counselling is over, please pay the session fee to the mistress.
4.After counselling, please go take a shower while the mistress prepares the room for the session. Inform her when you are done with the shower.
5.When the play is over, please take a last shower while the mistress cleans the room.
6.After you're clean and dressed, you can either leave the hotel with the mistress, or stay by yourself in the room.
※If you chose the "rest" option at the hotel, make sure that there will be enough time for counselling/play/ending shower.


Mistress Reiko Only
■Course time
(We only take cash payments Japanese yen)
Membership fee 2000y
For every 30minutes of extra time taken, a fee of 10000 yen will be charged.
travel expenses 2000y
Leg worship: 3000y
No panty facesitting: 5000y
Anal worship:5000y
Panty take-away:3000y(you have to request in the reservation)
Pantystockings take-away: 2000y
Date 1h 10,000y
■The session area
西日暮里 NishiNippori
錦糸町 Kinsityo
新宿 Shinjyuku
池袋 Ikebukuro
六本木 Roppongi BDSM Hotel ALPHA-IN

Mistress Reiko and Mistress Rammy  W Special play
Special play course by two queens!

■Course time
(We only take cash payments Japanese yen)
Membership fee 0y (from a Mantis)
For every 30minutes of extra time taken,
a fee of 15000 yen will be charged.
■The session area
travel expenses
新宿Shinjuku and Kabuki-cho of 2000y
(HOTEL LaPia is recommended)
六本木Roppongi (only alpha inn)
錦糸町Kinshi-cho 4000y
池袋Ikebukuro 4000y
※And so on area of 4000y
Please consult any time.
(Attention) please apply to 1 one of queens about your reservation. When the reservation application is made both of them, it becomes complex, and it's sometimes difficult for the proposal to go forward, so please take care.


If you want to book a session.
Booking Form
※Mistress Reiko Only
※  Mistress Reiko and Mistress Ramil W Special play  



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